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We can use A-C-T-S to structure our prayers


  • Adore God for who He is and what He is like – e.g. our refuge, Saviour, trustworthy at all times, full of grace and compassion, abounding in love, reigning over all things.
  • Use the words of a Psalm or praise song to express your praise.


  • Confess our sin of not trusting him “at all times”, our lack of love for Him and for others, be specific about loves, attitudes, thoughts, words, deeds that are sinful.
  • Be assured that “my salvation comes from him” i.e. Christ (Psalm 62:1).

Thanks Giving

  • Think back over recent days or weeks and thank the LORD for His good gifts to you, however simple or significant; give thanks for how He has brought us through this pandemic.
  • What has the LORD been teaching you from His Word, or how have your grown to know Him more? Thank Him.


  • Pray for the LORD’s ‘supply’ of help and strength for whatever you personally are facing that is challenging or difficult. “My soul finds rest in God alone” (Psalm 62:1).
  • Pray about people or situations you are concerned about – “pour out your heart to Him”.

Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

(Psalm 62:8)

Let’s Pray

These Three remain … Faith, Hope and Love.  This is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to draw congregations and their members together in God to express his life and witness in this moment.

Prayer for our Church and Community

Pray for Sunday services (whether in-person or online), especially “Reconnect Sunday” this week – for many folks to be drawn back to worship together, for the praising of God’s Name, the preaching of His Word, and for lives to be transformed by the Gospel.

Pray for our autumn “Love Your Church” series of services and midweek gatherings, that the LORD would use them to revitalise our church life and help people to be whole-life disciples of Jesus together in community.

Pray for our ministry team, elders and organisation leaders as they consider how best to open up aware of the current need to be ‘covid-safe’. Pray for increasing connections with our children, young people, families, senior members, and community.

Pray for our senior members in particular who have been isolated for so long, many of whom feel cautious about being out and about. Pray they would know the LORD’s friendship, peace and protection.

Pray for those who have been affected by covid in terms of their health, their mental well-being, their relationships, or their workplaces. Pray for healing and wholeness in Christ.

Pray for schools, colleges and universities starting back this month, for pupils and students, teachers/lecturers and support staff working under challenging conditions. Pray for Christians to be salt and light in education.

Prayer for God’s World

  • Pray for Afghanistan – for those who have not been able to escape and will now live under Taliban rule; for our brothers and sisters in the very small Christian church there to remain courageous and faithful to Christ and for the Gospel to miraculously spread; for those who have left their home to live in a new country; for communities to welcome the Afghan people with kindness and generosity.
  • Pray about Covid-19 – for numbers of cases to start to go down across the country, and for those who continue to serve in the NHS; pray for people in countries where treatments and vaccines are not as readily available as here, that they would be provided for just as much as we are.
  • Pray about Climate Change – that world leaders in government, business and industry, and that we ourselves would take the necessary steps to better look after the world God has given us; pray for the world’s poorest people who are so often disproportionately affected by changes in climate; remember the world of Tearfund and Christian Aid.

Global Mission

Asia Link

Pray for Myanmar. Urgent prayer required as military troops draw close to our partners. ...


We work through local churches to unlock people's potential, helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves.

Pray for our village and surrounding area, for farmers and workers in the agri-food business under pressure, for local shops and the school, for our neighbours (name them before the Lord), for those most alone and vulnerable.

Pray for those who have lost their jobs, for those whose businesses are under severe pressure and strain, people for whom the future is very uncertain – that the Lord would provide and guide.

Pray that we would grow closer to the Lord during this challenging time, that we’d grow more like Jesus, that we would live for the things that God says matter most – loving Him and loving others.

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