Building to Serve

As part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, we seek to have “A heart for Jesus in the heart of the community”. That mission is to cause change in the lives of men, women and children by sharing and demonstrating the love of God in order to continue growth of His kingdom; to provide a place of restoration, teaching, fellowship and worship for Ballynure and the surrounding areas.

However at the heart of our premises, our main worship building needs essential repairs to prevent further deterioration and upgrades to meet regulations for fire, health, safety and disabled access. Considering the essential repairs and upgrades required, it is the conviction of the Kirk Session and Committee that to continue or expand the programme of activities, ministry and church vision, a thorough and prudent investigation of redeveloping the church building was necessary.

Key Stages Completed in 2019

February: Building Vision Group completed their review of four project options and recommended Project RD2 to Kirk Session and Congregational Committee.

March: Kirk Session and Congregational Committee voted to recommend Project RD2 to all church members.

September: Presentation of recommended Project delivered to full congregation.

November: Special Congregational Meeting voted in an indicative manner to continue preparing for Project RD2.

What Can I Do?

Pray: - Continue to pray. For your church leadership, committees, for wisdom and for guidance.

Get involved: You, along with friends or group colleagues could plan a fundraising event.

Encourage: Support each other in the project, “Building to Serve”.

Give: Inform us if you feel you can contribute in any way with skills, time or a monthly financial pledge. Look out for further church-wide sponsorship events or special collections in 2021.

Share: Continue to tell us your thoughts, concerns and ideas.

When Covid-19 restrictions allow, we plan to hold a number of fundraising events. Please support these if you can.

Donating to Our Building Vision

If you would like to make a donation to our Building Vision, please complete the form below and we will send you details of the different ways you can do this. Thank you.