Stephen and Angelia Cowan

Stephen and Angelina have been serving amongst the Samburu and Turkana people in Samburu County in northern Kenya since 1989. They serve with PCI’s partner in Kenya, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) and are based in Tuum.

Their work of the past 30 years has built a strong foundation, introducing the Bible and Jesus to the Samburu and Turkana people. This has been done in many practical ways, as well as preaching..

Latest Newsletter March 2021

Our energy levels were challenged as we tried to keep up with normal activities during the recent hot dusty weather. Last week we had a visiting team of four, including the Moderator, from Laikipia Presbytery which has oversight for work here. This Presbytery, which stretches from Nyahururu includes several counties including the entire Samburu county. Unfortunately, it is not well resourced and this area has often been neglected. As they have no suitable vehicle for driving within the local terrain I (Stephen) went to Maralal and picked them up. After visiting Tuum, I took them to all the places where small numbers gather for Christian worship.

They were able to see the importance of the Samburu Awareness and Action Programme in ministry and the need to have more integration and understanding of cultural aspects for church ministers posted to this area. It made them more aware of the importance of keeping trust with the community. It showed them the relevance of work such as repairing water sources and improving milk production at the same time as teaching the gospel and sharing the life of Jesus while helping people cope with the burden of change. The outreach, following our teaching time last month in Seren saw many people challenged by the need to seek
forgiveness. The evening meetings revealed an increased interest in the spiritual truth of Jesus Christ. By improving the water supply-line to the school and community, people understood our commitment to continue improving their living conditions and our caring concern about their daily difficulties.

The past few days have shown the sad reality of cattle rustling when seven people were shot dead (attackers and victims). This was due to Samburu attacking a Turkana village near Lake Turkana. Sadly, the Turkana when trying to recover their goats shot dead two innocent people who were driving along the road. Encouraging change as in cattle rustling, is difficult as the covenants of the past are still very strong.

Pray for

  • Pray for a shared understanding of resources and the realisation that sin is the root cause of conflict.
  • Give thanks for an encouraging Presbytery visit and the hope for vision and change in ministry approach.
  • Continue to pray for the positive impact of the girls’ secondary school and also the ‘safe place’ at Seren.